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Best practices to promote becoming agricultural entrepreneurs
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The project entitled ’AGRO-BUSINESS START – with the development of entrepreneurial competences’ has been made within the frames of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme subsidised under the Grundtvig Learning Partnerships by the consortium lead by the Government Office of Békés County.

As a partnership principle, it is a continuous problem in partnership countries to integrate lowly educated, disadvantaged, unqualified and unemployed people into the labour-market. The agricultural sector provides the possibility to increase employment in every partner country, so the partner countries define the process of supporting disadvantaged groups becoming agricultural entrepreneurs as a breakout point.

To fulfil all needs, partners decided to exchange experiences regarding this topic and implement a project in an international contribution, which has an aim to prepare professionals working in vocational education or at partner organisations involved in adult education and in increasing employment to support the arousement and maintenance of learning motivation of job-seekers living in the area and who are lowly educated, unqualified or have outdated qualification to become agricultural entrepreneurs in the long-term. Labour organisations, research organisations, training organisations and a university are involved in the project.

To ensure the successful implementation of the project, the partners organised international meetings, during which the organisations’ applied methods, motivational tools, initiatives used in order to involve lowly educated, disadvantaged, unqualified and unemployed people in training, providing professional agricultural knowledge, keeping them in training and supporting them in finding a job or becoming an entrepreneur, were introduced in full detail. All the elements of trainings aiming the improvement of agricultural entrepreneur competences have also been introduced.

The results of these international meetings are published in the succeed brochure as the collection of best practices, which contains the best methods, practices, case studies and programmes of partner countries applied for arousing and maintain learning motivation of job-seekers who are lowly educated or have outdated qualification to become agricultural entrepreneurs in the long-term.