About the project

The need of acquiring, sustaining an updating the competences of the agricultural entrepreneurial class is surely a problem at European level and it affects the single member states at different levels.

The project is based on the idea that it is a constant problem in every region where the partners are located and operate that people are lack of employment, new jobs and workplaces are not created however people have the opportunity for stock breeding and planting crops. In these areas the only way out from unemployment could be if the unemployed become agricultural entrepreneurs or agricultural self-entrepreneurs and start up their own businesses.  

In every country, one obstacle of increasing employment is that the unemployed do not have any qualification, the appropriate qualification, have low level of qualification or out-of-date skills. It causes a serious problem for both vocational training schools and adult education institutions to attract and train as many people as they can in agricultural professions because of the insufficient number of applicants. Despite the great efforts and time invested, it is extremely difficult to achieve results in this field.

In order to provide a labour force supply having qualifications and competence appropriate for implementing agricultural activities and farm works or starting up and running agricultural companies, unemployed people have to be involved in agricultural trainings aiming at the acquisition of agricultural and entrepreneurial competences.

Those who already possess agricultural skills and qualifications have to be supported and motivated as well in order to make them acquire entrepreneurial competences and start their own businesses. 

That is why the project addresses to share the good practices, methods and adult learning models helping the solution of the problems mentioned above.